Caspian Energy Investment Forum Prague 2023
We are pleased to inform you that the international Caspian Energy Investment Forum Prague 2023 will take place with the joint organization of Caspian Energy Club and Caspian Energy Czechia on March 22, 2023. Caspian Energy Investment Forum Prague – 2023 will focus mainly on such topics as the development model of Czechia (tourism, logistics, agricultural industry, real estate,finance and investments), development of the middle corridor, digital economy, green energy and partnership with the economic union of Turkic states. Heads and representatives of state structures and companies of the countries of the Caspian, Black Sea and Baltic regions will participate in the forum. We invite you to participate in Caspian Energy Investment Forum Prague - 2023 as a sponsor or delegate.
Caspian Energy Club member (Free until 7 March)
Caspian Energy Club partners C-Level (77 euro)
Not Caspian Energy Club member and not C-Levels of the company (177euro)

Hilton Prague. Pobrežní 311/1, Prague, 186 00, Czech Republic.